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Let’s Go Sailing this weekend, we offer Sydney Harbour cruising, Whitsundays sailing adventures & racing Sydney to Hobart 2017.

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Swan 65 – Sailing & Ocean Racing program

For 2017 we introduce our Swan 65 foot ocean going lady.
This recently imported ocean racing yacht is VERY COMFORTABLE!  It has sailed around the world 3 times!

We offer charter trips for racing and cruising along the east coast of Australia as well as harbour parties. Formal sailing lessons and qualifications are also offered. Including the biggest events in Australian sailing! Check out the itinerary below for more details…

Swan 65 – The Itinerary 2017
A leisurely trip north up the east coast to the Whitsundays islands. Leaving Friday the 28th of July at 7am!

You are welcome to join us when it suits you! On our adventure up the beautiful east coast of Australia will be stopping in a few places on the way for diving, snorkelling, whale watching and seeing the sights from the comfort of a large ocean going sailing yacht.

Airlie Beach Race week starts on 10th August 2017
Hamilton Island Race week starts on 19th August
Cruising the Whitsundays, explore tropical paradise!
The delivery back to Sydney
Sydney to Hobart Race starting on 26th December 2017


Fancy something a little closer to home?
Sydney Harbour Sailing

We also provide 3 hour sailing cruises from 10am, 2.00pm and 5.00pm for up to 12 people. No experience necessary.  We sail on a comfortable 35 foot racing yacht.  You can be as involved or relaxed as you want.
It’s simply GREAT FUN !.

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